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Supply Chain Management

Maximizing efficiency of hospital pharmacy supply chains presents healthcare systems with a key opportunity both to mitigate increases in expenses and help improve patient care. In today’s cost-conscience environment, there is a critical opportunity for health system pharmacies to evolve their pharmacy supply chains to become more collaborative, transparent and efficient. The greatest opportunity is for hospitals to transform their supply chains into a vital, strategic function.

At McKesson, we focus on helping our customers to increase value by elevating the quality of care while reducing costs and improving efficiency. This means helping to reduce inventory-carrying costs, standardization of tools and processes, and reducing stock-out risks and procurement errors. Ultimately, customers are focused on optimizing costs to help confirm they are maximizing every dollar spent.


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Supply chains in hospitals can account for as much as 30% of total hospital costs [1]


Brian Swift Talks Pharmacy Supply Chain Improvement


Expert Perspective

Raising the bar for the pharmacy buyer

By Cindy Jeter, CPP, CPhT, BGS

Many of us often find ourselves doing something the same way because it’s the way it’s always been done. However, living by the old saying, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” can leave us unaware of the potential to improve. This is certainly the case when addressing the business aspects of pharmacy operations.

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Case Study

Do you have opportunities hiding in your supply chain data?

Health Future facilitates a coalition of 26 independent hospitals across Oregon and Nevada. The hospitals possessed supply chain data; however, with limited time and analytic expertise they weren’t able to identify and leverage savings opportunities in key areas, including brand-to-generic conversions, market-share optimization and packaging changes.

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Spotlight Solutions

Our McKesson Pharmacy Supply Chain Solutions team can help your hospital or health system build an effective supply chain management strategy.

McKesson Pharmacy Supply Chain Comprehensive Diagnostic Tool – Our experts will use this tool to conduct an on-site assessment of your pharmacy’s inventory management to help you:

  • Increase medication inventory turns
  • Minimize supply chain waste and expired medications
  • Improve supply chain efficiencies

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McKesson Buyer’s University – In-depth educational programs to train your pharmacy and supply chain teams on how to proactively identify and address supply chain challenges.

McKesson Optimal Rx Consolidation – Our pharmacy experts will help you establish a centralized medication distribution system to:

  • Streamline your medication distribution workflow
  • Reduce costs for excess inventory including wasted and expired medications
  • Reduce stock outs, medication picks and medication pick errors