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Innovative Strategies for Supply Chain Leaders

The hospital supply chain is the operational area where efficiency reigns supreme. As a supply chain leader, you are working around the clock to drive in efficiency and drive out cost. Supply chain processes have to be as lean and as visible as possible.

Since pharmacy can make up as much a 10% of a hospital budget,[1] McKesson has made pharmacy supply chain efficiency a priority to helping our customers achieve better business health. Our goal is to help you collaborate with pharmacy leaders to identify inefficiencies, enforce measurable solutions and mitigate risk. Take a minute to bookmark this page and stay current with the latest trends in supply chain for pharmacy.

At a large medical center, 455 of the 1,100 IVs dispensed each day were returned to the pharmacy for credit, so waste was a big problem. By implementing the McKesson-recommended solution, the hospital reduced returned IVs by 90%.*

Formulary-streamlining activities at a 26-hospital system resulted in annual savings in excess of $1M.*

At a university medical center, a recommended change in expired drug policies generated projected savings of $500K annually due to better management of inventory in their unit-based medication cabinets.*

Expert Perspective

Raising the bar for the pharmacy buyer

By Cindy Jeter, CPP, CPhT, BGS

Many of us often find ourselves doing something the same way because it’s the way it’s always been done. However, living by the old saying, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” can leave us unaware of the potential to improve. This is certainly the case when addressing the business aspects of pharmacy operations.

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Case Study

Do you have opportunities hiding in your supply chain data?

Health Future facilitates a coalition of 26 independent hospitals across Oregon and Nevada. The hospitals possessed supply chain data; however, with limited time and analytic expertise they weren’t able to identify and leverage savings opportunities in key areas, including brand-to-generic conversions, market-share optimization and packaging changes.

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Supply chain consulting
Our supply chain experts include experienced pharmacy professionals who have developed ACPE-accredited buyer training programs and trained hundreds of buyers in healthcare settings to identify and address supply chain challenges. Our experts focus on in-depth review of your purchasing practices to identify opportunities, delivering expert and evidence-based feedback about areas for improvement along the supply chain. Some of the many areas evaluated include contract compliance, market share opportunities, brand-to-generic conversions, and package-size optimization to reduce waste and enhance efficiency.

[1] CMS Office of the Actuary, National Statistics Group


*This case study is for informational purposes only. The results of this case study depend on a variety of factors that are unique to this organization. There is no guarantee that your results will be similar to this case study. Each party’s results will depend on the factors of its business. The success in this case study cannot be used as an indication of future success with these programs.