Supply Chain

Why supply chain is critical

Safe medicines are a critical component of effective healthcare. Patients should have access to these lifesaving treatments without the worry of the integrity of the medication. A robust and secure medication-delivery infrastructure is critical to achieving efficiency, safety and quality.

Distribution services are the cornerstone of any health system pharmacy. Product availability. Online capability. Service quality. Order accuracy. The mark of distribution excellence is to be unmatched in all of these areas. Add unparalleled pharmacy tools and expertise and you have a business partner rather than a vendor.

By ensuring you get full value from your distributor in all of these areas, you have the opportunity to decrease supply chain expenses and drug spend while increasing patient safety.

How McKesson is unique

Our people, processes and technology are focused on one goal — to deliver results for our customers.

A dedicated and collaborative account team supports every customer. Your personal account manager will lead a 360-degree team of pharmacy, supply chain and product experts to deliver answers you need, as well as insight to support the business of your pharmacy.

Our distribution services deliver outstanding product availability. We continuously invest in supply chain efficiencies. Every day, we are creating and building the distribution centers of the future, with new technologies and automation enhancements to refine our supply chain.

What you can expect

McKesson’s approach to supply chain excellence

At McKesson, we’re committed to helping you reduce the time you spend managing pharmacy business. Our approach to distribution supply chain can deliver that.

Superior product availability

More inventory in stock means superior product availability

  • McKesson has 13% more inventory in stock/available for order[1]
  • Shortage protection and fair allocation
  • Fast product access through regional and local distribution centers
  • Round-the-clock service helps to meet needs for emergency access and disaster preparedness

Efficient ordering

  • 100% online pharmaceutical distribution ordering system with built-in apps, easy integration, and robust information and reporting
  • Asset Management and Mobile Manager 100 provide a fully integrated and portable inventory and purchasing management system

Service quality

  •     We're delivering contract management that provides the highest order and price accuracy
    • Reliable delivery with 98.5% service levels
    • Customers spend 18% less time stocking orders [3]

    [1] Based on comparison of the DSI (days sales inventory) from company 10K reports in 2012 for total inventory

    [2] Based on Frost & Sullivan 2014 Distribution value study of total US Pharma market comparing the average time McKesson customers spent placing one order versus non-McKesson customers.

    [3] Based on Frost & Sullivan 2014 Distribution value study fill quality comparing the average time McKesson customers spent receiving and stocking an order versus non-McKesson customers.