McKesson Drug Spend Intelligence

McKesson Drug Spend Intelligence
Offering pharmacies strategic insight to help reduce drug spend

Managing your pharmacy drug spend requires a clear view into your purchasing history and spending trends, plus the ability to turn that robust information into results.

McKesson Drug Spend Intelligence gives you greater insight into pharmacy spending trends — allowing you to make more informed decisions.

Evaluate clinical impact and uncover opportunities

McKesson’s Drug Spend Intelligence puts data at your fingertips — giving you access to rich analytics, a smart dashboard and the flexibility to create custom reports.

Drug Spend Intelligence provides:

  • 24 months of volume-adjusted purchasing data
  • Flexible time periods that allow you to narrow the scope of your drug spend reports
  • Interactive graphing capabilities that provide a visual representation of trends
  • Ability to configure, analyze and save reports using specific account numbers
  • Option to incorporate direct purchases
  • Views into individual hospital and system roll-up reports
  • Customizable drug groups with filters (e.g., route, manufacturer)
  • Access to data for daily views of drug spend

Dashboard views

Maximize your operational efficiency by tapping into the power of fast analytics in an easy-to-use format.

Overall analytics
Quickly view your overall drug spend or drill down to view details on a specific drug class.

Comparative analytics
Quickly identify trends in your drug spend with rich graphs and a smart dashboard.

Discrete analytics
Identify how prices and quantities are impacting your drug spend totals and trends.

McKesson Drug Spend Intelligence gives pharmacies the analytical insight and reporting tools needed to help reduce spending, optimize financial performance and track clinical initiatives.

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