Why experts are critical

Knowledge is power. In uncertain times, patients rely on the clinical expertise of healthcare professionals to help them achieve healthy outcomes. The same principle applies for hospital and health system business leaders. To continue serving their community, they rely upon the expertise of business professionals.

Significant financial challenges and uncertainties on the healthcare horizon have forced intensified scrutiny on the bottom line and the need to balance cost without compromising quality and safety.

Targeted expertise in key areas of your healthcare organization can help you improve visibility into business operations. You’re positioned to understand how and where you can maximize cost containment and improve revenue, as well as methods to expand care that reduce risk, giving you confidence as you seek change.

There is no crystal ball for the future of health systems. However, the changing payment models leave little room for doubt that improving patient outcomes will be a top priority. Hospital leaders nationwide have come to rely upon the years of pharmacy expertise and change management support we bring to help pharmacies realize balanced fiscal management. Ultimately, with sound business practices, clinical pharmacists are better positioned to focus on improving care.

Mark Eastham, B.S., R.Ph.
Sr. Vice President and GM of McKesson Pharmacy Optimization®

How McKesson is different

McKesson expertise is unlike any other. Just as you deliver better patient health, we deliver better business health. How do we do this? We employ some of the brightest and best minds in the industry. We spend our days analyzing every angle and study the latest trends impacting healthcare, hospital and pharmacy operations. All of this is done to help customers navigate to higher levels of productivity and a healthier bottom line.

Case Study

Transitioning into a self-managed pharmacy can help produce significant savings

“Bringing the pharmacy in-house was primarily a financial decision. Without the support and guidance of the McKesson team, the experience wouldn’t have been nearly as satisfying or as successful.” — Phil Williams, Administrative Director of Pharmacy Services

For years, Edward Hospital’s pharmacy operations were managed by an outside source. Learn how working directly with McKesson’s Pharmacy Optimization® team helped lead to on-time results and significant savings for Edward Hospital’s pharmacy operations.

Expert Perspective

Looking to pharmacy for better hospital care

Times are changing. For those of us in the healthcare business, they are changing at an unprecedented rate. With the passing of the Affordable Care Act, we will be seeing more change in the next 10 years than we have in the past 50. Just as value-based purchasing is changing business models, health system leaders, seeking better outcomes, are altering the way resources are used. This includes one significant untapped source: the pharmacy.

What you can expect

McKesson’s Pharmacy Optimization® is a team of experienced pharmacy experts that work side-by-side with you to understand your needs and current practices. Analyzing hospital-specific data, the team can evaluate and recommend cost-reduction and revenue-enhancement opportunities, as well as strategies for optimizing the business of your pharmacy. Areas of specialty include: