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Top 5 health system pharmacy trends to watch in 2017

McKesson pharmacy experts share top trends for hospital and health system pharmacies
The role of the clinical pharmacist is rapidly expanding to stay ahead of the changing dynamics brought upon by healthcare reform. This expansion of the pharmacist’s role creates new opportunities and trends for health system and hospital pharmacies in 2017.

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Three tips for developing a high-performance 340B contract pharmacy network

Excerpts from “Practical Insights into 340B: Developing a High-Performance Contract Pharmacy Network” panel discussion
To build a strong 340B contract pharmacy relationship, consider the following three tips from pharmacy directors and senior leaders at the Medical University of South Carolina, Meijer Pharmacy and McKesson’s 340B Solutions team.

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Leveraging the power of data analytics

Four tips to reduce your drug spend and improve patient care
As health systems face new performance-based reimbursement models, diminishing resources, and increasing prescription drug spending that is expected to grow at a rate of 5% annually over the next five years, pharmacy leaders are turning to data analytics.

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Should you centralize your drug distribution?

Factors to consider when optimizing your medication supply chain
As reimbursement shrinks and operating margin gaps widen in an era of consolidation and increasing drug shortages, hospitals and health systems need to find ways to streamline pharmacy costs without compromising patient care. Many are turning to drug centralization to maximize clinical, financial and operational processes in their medication supply chain process while delivering on their patient-care mission. Should you?

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Tips, tricks and traps —
Practical insights into 340B

Ambulatory and specialty pharmacy: Are the opportunities real?
The health care evolution has created an opportunity and an obligation for pharmacy leadership to diversify and to develop business plans along with patient outreach programs that support organizational goals.

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Emerging trends in the specialty drug market

As the specialty drug market continues to evolve and grow, it is important to understand the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for your hospital or health system.

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Best practices to prepare your hospital or health system in an era of drug shortages

Receiving and communicating accurate and complete information is critical to managing a drug shortage.

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Nancy Brock

Pharmacies are CFOs’ secret weapon in the cost-cutting war

CFOs need to better understand how more clinically integrated pharmacists can result in overall cost savings, as well as identify the most profitable business model for their hospital’s pharmacy.

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