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Pharmacy Strategies for Executive Leaders

Think your hospital’s pharmacy is just a cost center? Think again. For hospitals to meet today’s steep challenge of cutting operational expenses by as much as 20 to 30 percent in some cases, there’s an urgent need to look at the pharmacy and pharmacists’ clinical role with fresh eyes.

McKesson is singularly focused on one thing — better business health for hospital pharmacy. From community hospitals to large IDNs, we are working hand-in-hand with organizations across the nation to meet the challenges of change head on. We approach your need for financial scrutiny, smarter productivity and integrated technology in a high-touch, holistic way. Ultimately, we can help you reduce risk and create a more sustainable future so you’re positioned to continue to deliver high-quality patient care. Take a minute to bookmark this page and stay current with the latest pharmacy trends.

65% of health executives believe that by 2020 the healthcare system will be somewhat or significantly better than it is today. [1]

There are currently 6,268 total hospitals in operation in the U.S. Visit HRSA to find statistics on your state.

Did you know that 13 of the CMS value-based purchasing metrics have pharmaceutical implications?

Expert Perspective

A change in perception

By Mark Eastham, B.S., R.Ph.

The role of the clinical pharmacist is rapidly expanding to stay ahead of the changing dynamics brought by health reform. At the heart of this is a change in perception.

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Case Study

DIY Pharmacy: When does it make sense?

For years, Edward Hospital’s pharmacy operations were managed by an outside source. As with any department, the pharmacy was expected to perform as a strong member of the hospital business. However, because the pharmacy operated as a separate system, it lacked transparency. As a result, managerial oversight and control over the pharmacy’s operations were limited.

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McKesson Pharmacy Optimization®
McKesson’s Pharmacy Optimization® is a team of experienced pharmacy experts that works with you to understand your needs and current practices. Analyzing hospital-specific data, the team will evaluate and recommend cost-reduction and revenue-enhancement opportunities, as well as strategies for optimizing the business of your pharmacy. Learn More »

McKesson Population Health Manager
When your healthcare organization takes on the responsibilities of managing the health of an entire patient population, you and your providers need new competencies — advanced insight, actionable data and new skills — to help deliver better health outcomes at lower cost. We recognize the challenges of managing the health of a population and taking on financial risk. Our Business Advisor Services can help you quickly realize value from McKesson Population Manager for faster return on your investment.

[1] HealthAffairs Survey; December 2013; Andrew Steinmetz, Ralph Muller, Steven Alschuler, Ezekiel Emanuel