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Ambulatory Pharmacy

Continuing the care of your patients in ambulatory and other outpatient settings is critical to helping manage patient populations. Ambulatory pharmacies have the opportunity to interact with more patients at discharge and between visits, including follow-up and long-term monitoring of their care, medication adherence and progress. This intervention is especially critical in high-risk transplant, cancer, HIV, cardiac or diabetes patients. It is also a key to hospitals’ documentation efforts, providing continuity of care and helping reduce readmissions.

Belying their small physical footprint, ambulatory pharmacies can be pockets of opportunity — whether located in hospitals or ambulatory care centers, near treatment clinics, or around the communities they serve. They have the potential to capture a share of the many thousands of prescriptions issued to patients and employees annually that are typically filled elsewhere.

As many as 69% of medication-related hospital admissions in the U.S. are due to non-adherence.[1]

Approximately 125,000 deaths per year in the United States are linked to medication non-adherence.[2]

75% of Americans report they do not always take medications as directed.[3]

Expert Perspective

Six ways hospitals are combating shrinking margins

By Robert Scholz, M.S., MBA, R.Ph.

Hospitals continue to be penalized for “excessive” readmission rates under CMS’ Readmissions Reduction Program and penalties will become even more severe in the coming year. Learn how ambulatory pharmacy is helping hospitals reduce their risk for readmission while adding new revenue to the bottom line.

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Case Study

Significant Opportunity Found in Opening New Ambulatory Pharmacy

Pharmacy provides opportunities to impact health system continuum of care.

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Spotlight Solutions

Ambulatory pharmacy consulting
Providing ambulatory pharmacy services can strengthen patient relationships, help reduce readmissions, extend the continuum of care and raise the value of your pharmacy as a strategic asset. Our experienced pharmacy consultants work side-by-side with you to help build business plans, prepare for regulatory requirements, prepare your pharmacy infrastructure, and optimize your inventory management and technology.

Outpatient workflow and automation
EnterpriseRx® is a centrally hosted pharmacy-management solution that fully integrates all resources and information across your entire enterprise. It’s safe, it’s secure, it’s fast — and it’s HL7 enabled. EnterpriseRx® will help you maximize profits by integrating and sharing information across your entire health system, administration and physician practices. McKesson High-Volume Solutions offers flexible solutions that are easy to install, easy to use, and proven to drive operational excellence, cost savings and labor efficiency for pharmacies of all sizes