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Accountable Care

One of the most discussed topics among hospital leaders today is accountable care. It is a concept for organizing and delivering healthcare that strives for better access, outcomes, patient experiences and lower costs. This encourages providers, payers and patients to work together for preventive healthcare and risk management of high-cost prevalent disease states.

At McKesson, we are helping hospitals nationwide with solutions that support these new care-delivery and payment models. We work side-by-side with our customers to help decreases costs, find new sources of pharmacy revenue and save valuable pharmacist time. Our goal is to help pharmacists get closer to the clinical work and medication management that can impact patient outcomes. Our integrated technologies and  processes can help improve efficiency, manage population health and extend the continuum of care. We’re ready to help you succeed in the new world of accountable care.

Approximately 20 million Americans are currently receiving healthcare services from an Accountable Care Organization (ACO).


Care, Health, and Cost  – the 3 primary goals of accountable care.


Pharmacists at Hennepin County Medical Center collaborated to reduce hospital admissions by 42%, reduce ER visits by 37%, and reduced the cost of care by an average of $2,500 per patient.


Expert Perspective

Looking to Pharmacy for Better Patient Care

Just as value-based purchasing is changing business models, health system leaders, seeking better outcomes, are altering the way resources are used. This includes one significant untapped source: the pharmacy.


Population Health Management: Steps to Risk Sharing and Data Analytics

Population health requires serious commitment of resources, but will pay off big. The 2013 HealthLeaders Media Population Health Survey demonstrates that we are in the midst of a profound and widespread transition in our healthcare delivery model. This change requires leadership commitment, investment and fundamental changes to the care model to be successful.

Spotlight Solutions

McKesson Population ManagerTM
When your healthcare organization takes on the responsibilities of managing the health of an entire patient population, you and your providers need new competencies — advanced insight, actionable data and new skills — to deliver better health outcomes at lower cost. We recognize the challenges of managing the health of a population and taking on financial risk. Our Business Advisor Services can help you quickly realize value from McKesson Population Manager™ for faster return on your investment. Learn More »

Ambulatory Pharmacy
Providing ambulatory pharmacy services can strengthen patient relationships, help reduce readmissions, extend the continuum of care and raise the value of your pharmacy as a strategic asset. Our experienced pharmacy consultants can provide you insights to help you accomplish this. Learn More »

Labor Efficiency Solutions
McKesson’s numerous labor-efficiency and technological solutions are designed to target key areas of improved productivity so you can redirect clinical staff to support patient care and better outcomes. Learn More »